FAQs + Troubleshooting tips

For more information, please access SEMA3 FAQs and Troubleshooting tips

Video Manuals

Below you will find six videos with audio narration. These videos serve as a manual for SEMA3 and provide a detailed explanation of all SEMA3 functions from a researcher’s perspective. These videos are intended for researchers only.

Part 1: New Study and Participants Tab

  • Creating a new study
  • Exploring the Participants Tab
    • Inviting Participants
    • Changing Participants Status

Part 2: Surveys Tab

  • Exploring the Surveys Tab
    • Creating a new survey
    • Exploring different question types
    • Viewing questions on SEMA3 app in Admin Mode

Part 3: Conditional Branching

  • Exploring the Surveys Tab
    • Exploring Conditional Branching

Part 4: Schedules Tab

  • Exploring the Schedules Tab
    • Exploring different schedule types
    • Creating a new schedule
    • Assigning schedules to surveys

Part 5: Viewing and Exporting Data

Part 6: Version History, Admin, and Settings Tabs

  • Exploring the Version History Tab
  • Exploring the Admins Tab
  • Exploring the Settings Tab

Researcher Interface

SEMA3 is a web application where researchers can develop, test, and administer their mobile surveys.

To register for SEMA3, please Register here

For researcher sign in, please access Researcher Sign In

Mobile Application

To download the SEMA3 app onto your iOS or Android smartphone, please select one of the following links.